1 Month Coaching Program

Walking the journey to forgiveness your way​

The crowd is sometimes split on the area of forgiveness.  Everyone have a different view of it and all hold strongly to their position.

I believe you should be given the opportunity to walk your specific journey of forgiveness.

If you have been stuck with forgiving and want to but is still angry and is unsure how to begin the journey, this program could be for you.

If you are tired of hearing people telling you to forgive and forget without listening to your pain or acknowledging the impact of the hurt on you, this could be for you.​

What do I offer?

I work from a place of acceptance, congruence and unconditional positive regard.  In other words I will give you the opportunity to truly be who you are and start from where you are.

Client centered approach - we will work with what you want to address and we will go at your pace.​

These sessions will truly be about you and the outcome you would like to achieve.

The Benefits of this Package:

  • Its time limited.  1 month package.  The sessions will be structured to meet your desired outcome.
  • You will have THREE - 50 minutes sessions with me throughout that month - ( sessions can be via telephone or video)
  • Two - 15 minutes on demand sessions to help you work through any blocks you maybe experiencing.
  • Unlimited email contact throughout the month.
  • Work sheets designed to produce the agreed outcome.
  • Bonus  - sometimes after any kind of in depth work we need follow up or access to ongoing support.  We want to ensure we provide that support and as such is offering 3 months FREE access to Wounds to Scars membership program.
  • You can view details of the membership program Here


    • The investment for this 1 month package is only £225.00