Joanna Reveals... 5 Simple Strategies to heal from childhood trauma


With Joanna Daniel

"You are about to discover 5 proven methods that will fast track your healing."



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Are you feeling

  • 1
    You're physically drained but is unaware of how to change.
  • 2
    You're struggling to forget but memories seems overwhelming 
  • 3
    You're struggling to manage day to day task.  you know its time to address the hurt but fear keeps you from taking action.
  • 4
    You never told anyone and is afraid to talk about it now.

You've tried some things in the past but they haven't worked

  • 1
    This makes you nervous to try again.
  • 2
    Scared to share with anyone fearing exposure.
  • 3
    You're probably scared to talk about the pain.
  • 4
    You're stuck but is unsure how to move on.

Help is here
in this webinar I will teach

  • 1
    A step by step process for healing:  You can finally get answers to questions that have puzzled you for years.  Eg get insight into the reasons you react in the ways you do.  Learn the what is behind self sabotage especially in relationships.
  • 2
    I will give you strategies to help manage memories and overwhelm: you no longer have to be afraid.
  • 3
    You will be free from anger and resentment. 
  • 4
    No longer feel the need to pretend. 

I knew what I needed but couldn't put it into words, your workshop help me understand what I needed and how to explain it.

Workshop attendee

My take away from it all is that, we all can heal and God intended for us to heal. But first we must be willing and take the first step to freedom. 

Acknowledge that we have a problem and help is available,. We need to avail ourselves and be willing to do the work, towards getting the and available and stick with the program. 

Images have been changed to protect the identify of attendees

Joanna Daniel

Counsellor  & Founder of Wounds to Scars

Joanna has over 14 years  experience working with people in the area of emotional healing.  In the last four years she has specifically worked with people helping them to heal from childhood trauma.  This includes childhood sexual abuse, rejection, abandonment and attachment related traumas.

Joanna also has many years experience helping individuals achieve change through groups.

She is an engaging seminar and keynote speaker.

She runs a yearly conference and retreat all geared at assisting people to heal from trauma.

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