Parenting With Ease

​Parenting with ease is a FREE three days course that is designed to help you navigate all areas of parenting even while working through your own struggles.


  • The course is designed for those who had no emotional connection to primary care givers I.E. mothers.  This lack of emotional connection can contribute to frustration in your own parenting when attempting to connect with your children.
  • Those who are working through trauma suffered in childhood that maybe disrupting interpersonal connection.
  • You would like to securely attach to your child but feels stuck with where and how to begin.
  • you feeling comfortable giving them task but is unsure how to emotionally connect.
  • Your needs were overlooked in childhood but you would like to meet the emotional, social and physical needs of your children.



We don't all inherently have the tools that are needed to navigate parenting with ease; 

When we have experienced trauma, there are times when we are not OK.

Sometimes when things are at a peak, you may struggle.  

How Does Trauma Affect Your Parenting

  • Do you struggle with a core belief of not being good enough but would like to change that view of you, and pass on a different legacy to your children?
  • Do you struggle negative messages influenced by shame?
  • Do you sometimes think? "Everyone else knows what to do, I am the only one that struggles"

If you can relate to any of the above?

  • Would you like resources and support to parent with ease while managing your struggles?
  • Would you like help to be available despite being triggered by the needs of your children?
  • Would you like to know how to break generational patterns in your family?
  • Would you like a road map to secure attachment? This course is for you...

Parenting With Ease Course

Our three days FREE course ‘Parenting With Ease’ will help to provide you with resources that you can begin to implement immediately with results.

The three days course begins as soon as you sign up

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