Wounds to Scars Coaching Program

(90 Days to Emotional Transformation)

Re-energize Your Soul, Gain Confidence And Be At Peace Once More.

Do you ever feel sad and bitter sometimes, maybe due to some kind of trauma you may have been through? Do you want to gain your confidence back and be able to take steps and actions that will bring great things to your life?

Bringing compassion, healing and hope to people's lives is not a one-time thing.  It involves weekly coaching and meetings with people who understand what you maybe going through - people who may have passed through what you are facing.

Don't Just Stay Silent Hoping It Will All Fade Away Someday!

This is for you if...

Would you like help from an experienced coach on the journey of growing into and learning to accepting who you really are. Would you like help to trust again, to forgive yourself and others.

  • You want to be free from the problems that have held you confined for too long.
  • Want powerful emotional healing that revives your heart and mind.
  • You want to deal with that pain that has been lingering 
  • You want support to help you set and maintain safe boundaries
  • Entire body re-energizing that gets back your lost confidence

Don't miss out on receiving powerful emotional healing that revives your mind and heart.

BONUS 1 - Sign up and get instant access to our 21 Days to Positive Thoughts now!

Don't Just Stay Silent, Hoping It Will All Fade Away Someday!

This is the wrong approach and may eventually get you stuck, you need the help of professionals like us! we've joined our hands into creating a program that can help females resolve problems concerning emotions, trauma and coping mechanisms.  I am a person who understands people's emotions and knows how to prioritise their lives putting a healthy coping mechanism in place and getting them freedom.

I have been working with people in need of emotional healing for over a decade; I can deal with all kind of complications.


"Working with Joanna gave me freedom."


Testimonial Two

"It was a relief that I have spoken to someone who listened.

I was able to explore ideas that provided solutions for my particular situation which in turn makes me feel that someone out there cares."

Benefits of this coaching program

​Renewed energy to tackle the things that are important to you.

· Deal with memories without suppressing them

· Together we will move past those emotions and get you to a place where you can have and be comfortable with setting and embracing boundaries.

· I will help you reinstate value and love and appreciation of yourself.

    This highly supportive coaching package gives you!!

  • An initial 1 hr ‘assessment’ session to kick off that will give you deep insights and understanding of your journey to date.

  • An action oriented rescue plan to activate when you are having a difficult day.

  • Three 50 minute transformationed sessions per month!

  • Two 15 minute ‘on demand’ phone coaching give you extra support when you feel stuck or have to deal with a different situation or have a different conversation. 

  • Unlimited email support

Bonus #1 – Emotional intelligence and Cognitive Behavioural techniques that will give immediate results – Value – £150

Bonus #2 – Immediate access to my course ‘The Journey Back from Broken” – £57

Bonus #3 –  6 months FREE access to Wounds to Scars membership program –

                          Inside the membership program we have Fortnightly webinars with Question & Answer time

                          Expert interviews with industry experts in the field of counselling and specialist therapies 

                          such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Stress Management and Abuse. (to name a few)

                          Access to Joanna’s courses, workbooks and eBooks

                          Value  = £100

Investment for 90 Days Transformed Program

This is a three month program with an investment of £497 as one payment or three monthly payments of £170 per month. (email for details)



Feedback from Joanna's course

"I found the videos, easy to follow, the sequence was meaningful and most of all the presentation style was so relaxed making me more willing to engage and carry on listening.  There was a strong sense of encouraging the listener to connect to pain in a positive way  This allowed me to own and better speak my truth from a perspective of seeking healing.  You also share yourself something I find as a powerful tool to connect with your audience.  Overall the videos gave me hope that if I persevere and remain true to this journey I can realise the true gift of once broken but restored by faith"


Joanna is a qualified counsellor with over 10 years experience assisting people with Emotional Breakthroughs in many areas, helping them to achieve healing and freedom.  The areas include, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, addictions, depression and marital breakdown.  She will help you gain insight into any ambiguities around your current situation and gain understanding of the hidden reason for your pain. (if you are unsure of the specific reason for your discomfort Joanna is the right person to help you get unstuck and gain clarity).

She is very skilled at developing  relationships with individuals and assisting them achieve the confidence to tackle hurt.  She works from a place of acceptance and offer a non-judgemental space to all.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Can I pay in installments

Are the sessions confidential