Navigating the Holiday season

Mental health telesummit

4 speakers                                                  2 Days                                                                  FREE ACCESS

December 15th-16th 
Two days of information and resources to help you successfully navigate the holiday season with or without family

  • Are you worried about how to manage those family gatherings that often leave you feeling low, unworthy and less than.
  • Are you wondering how to survive the holiday with the family member who you are forced to be with.  whether it's the toxic aunty or the strained relationship with mom.  with this information you can do the obligatory visit armed with tools to ensure you come out unscratched.
  • Are you already tense and poise waiting for the inevitable low mood that will come like a cloud, fear not this summit will give you tools to help you recognise the warning signs and not sink into the cloud.

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You will learn!

  • You will have help to manage the intense loneliness that descend at the thought of being alone.
  • You will learn how to really do self-care around this time to ensure you stay well.
    You will get tips to help beat the winter blues.  Say goodbye to seasonal depression.

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