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He asked, and you said yes, plans for the big day are going well and everyone is excited.
Wait. Something is missing.
Statistics suggest that a massive 52% of marriages end in divorce.
And of the rest, that's left one-third of those live unhappily ever after. Those are not a great foundation to build a marriage.
However, there's hope. There are a few things that every married couple should consider. Knowledge is power, and no statistics should be the predictor of your union. Apply the insight you will gain from this ebook and your relationship will never be the same.
I cover these in pre-marital work with couples as well as working with couples and singles after they get married. These vital areas are often not talked about to the detriment of the relationship.
However, when they are discussed, it can move a relationship from good to great.

In Raising Confident Black Girls, I will share some of the intentional things that we must do as mothers if we want to raise girls into women who know their place in the world.

We live in a world where the images on our television screen the ones in the magazines and just about everywhere do not include people that look like our daughters. Positive images of girls their age are not girls their colour. However, we, as black mothers, have to do things differently if we want to raise our girls in this generation to be confident and knowledgeable of their self-worth.

To give our daughters a positive image of themselves and increase confidence, we need first to understand our past.

I believe that as black mothers, if we want to raise confident black girls and teenagers who will be confident women, we must share our experiences. Too often, patterns repeat in families, and one of the ways that patterns repeat is through silence. If we don’t share our experiences with our daughters, they might make the same mistakes that we made.

Patterns will be continued when knowledge is not shared. Knowledge is power. We have to be intentional in how we share it. It could start with how we talk about our experiences, how we tell them about ourselves so that it helps to prevent certain things from repeating.

We have to tell them who they are or the world will reflect a negative image. Many have internalize these negative images to the detriment of personal progress.




Sometimes the thing that we need most we find the hardest to do. 

Stillness can be a challenge.

Life is busy for most of us, and it seems we are always rushing from one activity to another. We are trying to be the best parent, friend and partner.

In that place of busy, it sometimes hard to hear the voice of God, Stillness helps us to understand and to act and connect.

As you take this 90 days journey, I hope it will result in you developing the habit of stillness and hearing the voice of God in a way that will impact your life.


Many can relate to having fathers that were physically present but emotionally unavailable.  They were right providers, some suitable protectors but failed to connect with us on a level that helps us feel secure in their love and affection.

Many figure out as adults that they were loved as children.  This lack with father creates a deficit that we try to fill in different ways.  It shows up in unhealthy relationships patterns, inability to connect with others or sometimes a deep sadness that we cannot name.

After years of working with people trying to understand and heal from lack of connection in this vital relationship, I created a guided journal to help you name and work through emotions that surround the lack of contact with your father.