​Wounds to Scars retreat activities

Wounds to Scars retreats are designed to address multiple themes that people who’ve experienced trauma face. Of course, not every presentation at the retreat will be able to address specific issues and the unique circumstance of each attendee. However, they are designed to deal with many elements common to trauma survivors.
The talks and workshops are intended to help attendees enter more deeply in healing.

Some will be coming to the retreat dealing with forgiveness and so our workshops run by Pastor Branner ‘The path through wholeness through forgiveness’ will meet them in that place. Some will be grappling with the puzzle of generational cycles of abuse Dr Esmie Branner will help them gain insight and develop emotional intelligence that will help to solve that puzzle. Others will be struggling with shame over the painful experiences in their past or present which may have caused embarrassment.

Joanna’s talk on shame using the story of the woman at the well will help attendees surrender brokenness whether it’s around sexual shame, abuse, or their unique shame story.
We've geared all talks and supporting activities at helping attendees open their hearts to hear more clearly the voice of God even in the midst of their current hurts and struggles.

Prayer and healing with Dr Nadine Collins – all the attendees, will have a chance to learn to express their unique stories through prayer. The Wounds to Scars retreat will enable the suffering wounds of the attendees to determine the form that prayer takes. Whether its time alone, group or intercessory prayer. The result will be a more strengthened relationship with God. Attendees will have the chance to make a plan of how to integrate prayer in their healing and recovery.

Prayer and reflection time will give attendees an opportunity to allow God into the most secret places of their pain. Prayer will enable each person the chance to let the power of Christ into the most hardened parts of their hearts and hopefully, help those walls of hurt and pain to come down.
Through guided imagery and reflection on Christ own experiences, each will find strength and support at the cross. Wounds to Scars hope that this will provide a bridge to their healing.

‘Come apart and rest awhile’ this theme is taken from the story in Mark 6:31 and highlights the importance of rest and silence in healing. Jesus having learnt of the death of John the Baptist invited the disciples to come and rest.
It’s as if He was directing them to the need for time apart to be still.
Through organised times of reflection, the attendees at the Wounds to Scars retreat will have the opportunity to practice silence and reflect on the benefits of this to healing. Through this time of reflection, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of their story and learn how Christ’s story and suffering can be a source of healing.  Glenville Daniel will lead attendees through the benefits of embracing the character of Christ in healing.  He will use practical, real life stories to help individuals makes this needed connection.

Small groups: Over the four days, the attendees will have the opportunity to break into small groups. Small groups will enable each attendee to connect more intimately with each other and generate a greater understanding of their journey.

Reflection & Activities: During this time each person will be guided to do specific reflections on particular areas of Christ life and its relevance to their suffering. There will be healing stations based on Christ suffering there will be time for prayer and reflection at each station.
These stations will give attendees an opportunity to reflect on their past and powerfully and symbolically invite Him into their pain.

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