Wounds to Scars 
Spring Retreat

A deep dive into healing with Joanna

If you're ready to heal, we have the tools you'll need

May 31 - 2nd June

Hebron Hall Christian Centre, Cross Common Rd. Pianas Powys

Chances are, the things you are dealing with now has been in your family for generations.  The same issues, the same pain, with the same results.

It didn't start with you... but you have the opportunity to change the ending of your story.

By choosing to heal you can gift a different story to the next generation.  

Take control, write your own ending.

Join us at the Spring retreat

Investment £200

At the retreat you will get the tools to:

Release the issues that have held you back for years.

Heal from the damage sustained in the abusive relationship.

Heal from the impact of childhood abuse.

Implement boundaries that will keep you safe.

Only 10 places available book now to avoid disappointment.

Investment £200

Retreat host & facilitator

Joanna is a Counsellor, speaker and author.  Her work helps individuals to heal from the impact of childhood trauma & abuse.

She helps individuals to face, deal with and heal from the past and form meaningful relationships.

Joanna organises conferences and retreats that provide a safe place for people to heal.  


I feel like I am finding myself.  Sadly, I can't say I am finding myself again because I don't believe I ever knew who I was because of trauma.

I am just learning how to look at my past and put the pieces together. Thank you for doing what you do.

Please note that names are withheld to protect the privacy of the people in our community.


Joanna  empower others with the skills and tools necessary to live their best life following traumatic life experiences.'


As someone new to this, it was very empowering and informative. I love meeting individuals whose experiences are similar to mine, this was powerful.  I don't feel so alone now.

feedback from conference attendee

If you're ready to heal, we have the tools you'll need.  


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