The Journey from Broken

  • The journey from broken is designed to help you work through and overcome the effects of trauma: (that is) domestic abuse, childhood sexual abuse, rejection, abandonment. 
  • If you have been abused, you are not alone.  This course will offer hope and encouragement.  The journey from broken will:
  • Address the question of who gets abuse, generational cycles of abuse and how to break patterns of abuse in your life.
  • Outline the effects of abuse and the ways we cope overtime.
  • We will explore and give you the tools to: grieve the loss of childhood, heal from shame, let go of anger and move on in freedom.
  • We will give guidance on how to shift self-defeating patterns including self-esteem, confidence and low self-worth.

We are only at week four and each week everything you talk about its like you are seeing right through me and saying the things that is happening on the inside.  I am amazed me each time you talk I feel you are reading my mind.

 we use pictures from the internet in testimonials  to protect the identity of our course attendees 

In the course, You Will Discover:


A safe an effective way to emerge from a place of brokenness to peace.  Learn to self regulate and increase emotional vocabulary.


How to overcome shame, guilt and bitterness.  Shame is at the root of most negative emotions and pops up in unexpected places and sometimes stops us from admitting that we need help and support.  After taking this course you will be able to effectively silence shame and take back control of your thoughts.


Identify and break generational cycles and patterns of abuse.


Gain emotional intelligence. Learn to harness emotions and apply them to task like problem solving.

About the Author: Joanna Daniel

Joanna is a speaker and author whose work helps individuals overcome the impact of childhood trauma.   Her eBooks and online course resonate with empathy, care and understanding.  She offers a safe place for people facing the long-term effects of hurt and brokenness to find healing.  

Joanna believes that we thrive in relationships, but sometimes events occur that can temporarily hinder strong connections with others.  Her work is designed to help you face, deal with and heal from the past and form meaningful bonds.

Joanna is also a trained counsellor.  She offers face to face video and telephone counselling.

A well thought out course that will help you sharpen or develop effective tools to heal.

I work in an atmosphere of love and unconditional positive regard. In this space my clients are able to explore anything that they are growing through.  I have conveyed this in my course so that you can have a sense of love and acceptance as you go through the modules.

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